What is Circle coach

Rather than conducting formal performance appraisals, organizations are increasingly moving towards developing an ongoing dialog with their employees on performance and development.
Circle Coach is s simple web based tool that helps managers create and sustain a constructive dialog on performance and development with their team members.
It not only provides an easy to follow framework for this dialog, but provides both managers and employees with countless tips on how to create a sustainable strength oriented dialog that benefits both sides.

The Manager as a Coach

In an ongoing performance and development dialog, the manager adopts the role of an in-house coach. Circle Coach provides multi faceted support to the manager in this coaching role, ranging from basic coaching guidelines to 360° Insights features, goal setting principles and video tutorials.


CircleCoach is a solution that can lead you forward to greater success – faster than you expect.


CircleCoach Corporate is our latest performance enhancement tool,
designed with team performance in mind. The tool helps teams
of professionals to keep track of the overall development of selected
competencies, that are considered vital to their units success.

Coaches can use the goal clarity and development transparency that CircleCoach Corporate offers, to align individual development efforts and thus lift the overall team performance. An integral part of this process is that coachees and managers/coaches can now compare their views on individual performance and thus clarify goals and expectations much better than before.

Whether for teams of business professionals, athletes or volunteers at non-profit organizations, the system is easily adaptable to varying needs and is both simple and easy to use.

For further information please send e-mail to jon@circlecoach.com.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as
what you become by achieving your goals.


– Henry David Thoreau

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