The Role of the Manager

 The world of the modern manager is driven by trends that are clear to see and are guided by technical developments. Some of those key trends are: fast and easy access to information, increased transparency, flatter organizational charts, more autonomy/empowerment and the rise of the millennial generations (Y&Z).


A result of the above trends is for example an increased speed of change where experts who know more about certain topics than their bosses, need to be trusted with getting things done.


In order for managers to help facilitate operations at high speed, a change in their management style may be needed, where skills like establishing open two way communication and using effective coaching techniques are mastered.



The old school manager would explain the situation, tell people what to do and then closely monitor their actions to ensure follow through. Many managers still do this and to some extent they will always need to.


However, the modern manager is also focused on facilitating open communication, asking coaching questions rather than telling and constantly looking for ways to develop each team member further. They are focused on the topics of performance and growth.


The key to successfully starting this process with Circle Coach is having an overview of the development areas that both boss and employee find important and need to focus on.


5 key actions to get started

1.      The manager sets out to establish communication around the topic of performance and growth by running a team workshop on the topic.


2.      In this workshop, key performance areas are defined as well as the desired behaviors behind each area.


3.      Next the manager asks the employees to individually evaluate themselves in each area/behavior by using the Circle Coach tool.


4.      When the employee has completed this evaluation, the manager is given access to Circle Coach to evaluate the employee (note that the manager does not see how the employee has evaluated him/herself).


5.      Manager and employee sit down to discuss their evaluations of the performance areas and related behaviors. They both see each other’s evaluations for the first time in this conversation and the manager is careful to guide the conversation as he or she has been trained to do by the Circle Coach trainers.


More information

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