The Role of the Employee

 In a world where constant performance enhancement has become the norm, employees often feel under pressure to develop and perform on a higher level than before.


Professional development is the answer, but it is a task that requires employees to be open to areas of development, focused and disciplined in their efforts and persistent in terms of making it a sustainable effort.


Ideally managers and employees are aligned in their understanding of development needs and work hand in hand on constant improvement. This alignment is however often missing.



 The lack of discussion between managers and employees about performance and development has to change. It is not in the interest of the employee, the manager or the company they work for to stay in the dark on this one.


The problem is that both are often driven by the “Tyrrany of the urgent” and are so focused on chopping trees that they forget to sharpen the ax.


Today’s employees need to ask for more clarity on key competencies to be developed for their jobs as well as regular feedback on their own development.


5 key actions to get started


1.      The employee asks his/her manager to explain what key competencies they feel need to be present in the job in question.

2.      The employee then asks the manager to set up regular feedback sessions on how these competencies are developing.

3.      Ideally, the employee secures clarity and alignment with the manager by using Circle Coach.

4.      The employee should not hesitate to ask the Human Resource department for support on developing the needed competencies.

5.      The employee then designs development goals in cooperation with both the manager and HR and secures their support in reaching them.


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